Spotify Case Study 2: A UX in desperate need of X
After delving into the created listener personas and creating listener narratives based on that data in Case Study Part 1, we need to understand and identify the problems from the listener perspectives. This study examines the current desktop interface and redlines issues. The "mock-up" is more of a brain-dump to note ideas on fixing the problems as I head into sketching and iterative design.
When identifying issues, I had to take into account why people use Spotify over other listening services. Spotify is a popular music player because of the access to a huge quantity of artists, albums, and playlists. People fumble through the various interfaces (desktop, mobile, web) because of the multitude of music, the ability to download music, and the popular "Discovery Weekly" playlist that creates a unique playlist for each listener based on what they've been listening to. However, the experience was confusing to navigate, even for the most savvy tech user.
Learning from the user narratives to identify the problems (lower image), this brainstorms a simplified user interface for the desktop app (upper image). Early changes help listeners navigate the app while exploring new music; further planned fixes promote social connections because this is the single link between all types of listeners.
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