A New Spotify
After identifying the issues from listener personas and their narratives, I identified three areas to focus on: (1) clear navigation and browsing; (2) different methods for saving music vs. ear-marking tracks to investigate later; (3) layout was simultaneously busy but inefficient, with too much space to cover to do any actions.
To solve these issues, sketching, paper prototyping and an early digital prototype create navigation "windows" that link to the navigation menu. The navigation menu is categorized, with key browsing features easy to find.
What is playing or was last played is it's own nav-screen, while exploring music or "discover" is a separate screen that is adjacent to, so you can click on a feature to explore and see it open on the right without losing the original reference.
Additionally, different buttons were introduced. Green means GO, which means these tracks are marked in "Your Music." But a secondary feature is an additional click. The Yellow means pause saves a track as an ongoing list to discover at a later time. This makes it so listeners can hear a song by an artist and can earmark the artist to go back and listen to later.

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